Participants for this round have been selected.

Universally Seeded is looking for 10 competitors for the mastery strain grow off

Every competing grower is given a pack of 6 feminized seeds of the same unknown strain. They are allowed to grow via whatever methods they believe are best and allowed by their state law.

Every week each grower will be asked to update us with their photo documentation of the current growing process as well as experienced issues.

The update via email or Instagram post.

The mystery strain for this bout will be shared with all 10 competitors between June 15th – 20th

Based on the involvement, final results as well as community feedback, the winner will be selected between September 26th – October 1st.


May 27th – June 10th – participants selection.


June 26th – September 25th the mystery strain grow-off time.


October 1st Рwinner announcement and the mystery strain reveal. 

The mystery strain grow-off 1st prize:

Universally Seeded sweatshirt before the official release, 6 packs of seeds, lifetime 35% discount code on OldfaithfulSeedsBank

The mystery strain grow-off 2nd prize:

4 packs of seeds, lifetime 30% discount code on OldfaithfulSeedsBank

The mystery strain grow-off 3rd prize:

2 packs of seeds, lifetime 20% discount code on OldfaithfulSeedsBank